Ainsworth Elementary School

Art Auction 2016
Ms. Good’s 2rd Grade Class Art Project
Art Lead: Linda Cameron
The second grade class of Srta Good explored the meaning of who they are and how they identify with their community. Each child created an ink drawing consisting of three animals that expressed the best qualities of themselves, their family and their community. Adult helpers transferred and burnt the images on to cherry wood planks. These small totems were artistically arranged to form a larger totem panel depicting their story – Srta Good’s class, Ainsworth Eagles, PPS students
Redball Auction 2017
Sra. McKie’s 3rd Grade Class Art Project
Art Lead: Linda Cameron
This mosaic painting depicts of one of Portland’s most iconic bridges, the St Johns Bridge, also known as the Grand Lady of Portland. Inspired by Mike Mahanay’s photograph of the St Johns Bridge in Autumn, Sra McKie’s class explored the significates and imagery of this graceful structure and its impacted on the history of our city. Each child painted two of the 81 tiles that compose the piece. Students interpreted their portion of the image through color, texture and technique resulting in a vibrant tapestry of reds, yellows and greens. The end result is a collaboration of these bursts of color arranged to form a gorgeous abstract representation of our historic bridge, the St Johns bridge.